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PACT Salon: Desire Lines

Image designed by Joel Spring

Image designed by Joel Spring

Curated by Desire Lines (Sebastian Henry-Jones and Maeve Parker). Tickets are $15 online/$20 on the door.*

The first Salon of the year, organised by Desire Lines, takes as its inspiration the uncertain nature of performance itself, and the potential of this uncertainty to challenge the things we think we already know.

Each time performance happens it constitutes a new experiment. It provides a time in which to appreciate the nuances of a space, and a space in which to experience the quality of time. In this way, performance is a heightened state of perception and a radical zone. It demands a new language to describe it. It demands that we participate. Performance offers us a glimpse of its own potential to tell us more about the way we live beyond our experience of the event. Performance is fun.

The first PACT Salon of the year presents a collection of diverse performances in a manner that playfully subverts an audience’s spatial and temporal experience of them, interrogating ideas of authenticity, memory, repetition and spectatorship. Featuring:

  • Aaron Chen 
  • Al Joel and collaborators 
  • Austin Buckett 
  • Emily Parsons-Lord
  • Get To Work 
  • Leila El Rayes 
  • Luigi Vescio
  • Megan Hanson 

PACT Salon: Desire Lines includes two ticketed sessions, one at 6 pm and one at 7:30 pm. Each session will be a unique, interactive experience. We strongly encourage you to book in advance to secure your preferred session. Patrons are welcome to turn up early or stay late and enjoy a drink at PACT’s bar.

*Online sales incur a $2.50 booking fee per transaction.

About Desire Lines

Desire Lines, a partnership between Sebastian Henry-Jones and Maeve Parker, is an art series in the format of a walking tour. With a guide, audience members move through several locations, each playing host to a performance, installation or sonic experience. Desire Lines aspire to blur the line between private and public space and performative and non-performative actions. Accordingly, artworks created within this context function and appear differently to those who view them, so that each iteration of the event is unique. Desire Lines seeks to make art and performance accessible to a broad demographic of the local community.