Vacant Room: Space Residency

Vacant Room Shared Residency offers three interdisciplinary artists or groups a shared, space only three-week residency at PACT. A professional mentor will work with and support each artist throughout the three weeks and the residency will culminate in a showing for an invited audience.

Vacant Room offers artists space, support and the creative freedom to test new ideas. Vacant Room is not a rehearsal space, but a program for creative development of an idea-driven investigation. It is about the artistic process: creating a space to let an idea germinate and open up new avenues of creative practice through experimentation and critical feedback.

2017 Vacant Room: Space Residency Artists


Claudia Osborne

Spinning A Record... Of My Life and Also Just Some Good Stories and Other Things I Care About Too is a new solo work exploring identity through Claudia’s attempt at portraying the role of 'DJ'. Claudia is not a DJ, and Claudia never wants to be a DJ. But on this particular occasion, she going to try... whilst telling you about her life... and maybe dancing a little bit too.

Claudia's mentor is Malcolm Whittaker.

Laurence Rosier Staines

Laurence is working with a collective of artists to create You Can Have It All, a three-room interactive theatre game involving a Netflix-style drama show. The piece is about voyeurism, world-building and the rise of on-demand home entertainment. During their residency, this collective will be developing the interactive details of Room 2. You Can Have It All will be created by Laurence Rosier Staines, James Dalton, Harriet Gillies & Pierce Wilcox, with assistance from actors Hayley Sullivan & Hannah Cox, designer Hugh O'Connor and other creatives.

Laurence's mentor is Clare Grant. 

Bonnie Cowan

affect me is a performative response to interactions with strangers who host Bonnie in their home for a night. Blurring the line between her personal and creative life, the trio of short, intimate performances act as gifts of thanks to hosts who offer a couch and a connection. 

Bonnie's mentor is Nikki Heywood.

Vacant Room: 3 Year Residency


Vacant Room: 3 Year Residency offers an artist or collective a consecutive three-year residency at PACT, with a weekly salary and a professional mentor.

PACT's inaugural 3 Year resident artist is James Nguyen.