Skye Gellmann

Skye web.jpeg

Skye Gellmann is an Australian Artist known for bringing Circus to contemporary performance, installation and live art. They graduated a bachelor of Circus Arts at NICA in 2006 and has since produced 8 contemporary performance works. Skye's work demonstrates circus' ability to communicate in ways beyond spectacle.

Skye's performance works have gone on to achieve numerous accolades including: 2015 Greenroom Award for Innovation in Contemporary Circus, 2015 Melbourne Fringe's Best Experimental Performance, 2011 Adelaide Fringe's Best Circus, 2010 Sydney Fringe's Best Physical Theatre, 2008 Melbourne Fringe's Most Outstanding Production, and, 2007 Melbourne Fringe's Best Circus.


Skye is a participating artist in our second PACT Salon of the year: APACTALYPTIC, curated by Cloé Fournier.  Tickets are on sale now!  


Photo credit: Lexy Potts