Sharon Backley-Astrachan

Sharon Backley-Astrachan web reduced.jpg

Sharon Backley-Astrachan is a NSW based dancer and choreographer. Sharon graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing arts in 2007. In 2008 Sharon Backley Moved to Israel where she worked with numerous companies and Choreographers; including Kamea Dance Company, The Israeli Ballet, Eytan Sivak, Uri Ivgi, Rotem Tashach and more.

In late 2014 Sharon returned home to Australia where she began to focus on her own practice. Sharon was the recipient of a number of residencies such as BrandX Creative Development (Sydney), Bundanon Trust Residency, Propel Residency (Newcastle) and more. Sharon’s works have been presented in many events, theatres and galleries such as Sydney Fringe Festival, The Lock Up Gallery (Newcastle), Catapult Dance (Newcastle), The State Theatre Centre (WA) and more. Sharon’s work TOHU made in Collaboration with Omer Backley- Astrachan was recently a finalist in the Fringe World awards at the 2018 Fringe world festival Perth.


Sharon is a participating artist in our second PACT Salon of the year: APACTALYPTIC, curated by Cloé Fournier.  Tickets are on sale now!  


Photo credit: Benjamin Nunney