BBM Youth Support Award for Drama


Have you ever dreamed about developing your skills in Britain?

Is there a UK artist or company that you’ve always wanted to learn from in person but had only been able to stalk online?

Here’s your chance to stop stalking and make your dream come true.

Apply for the BBM Youth Support Award for Drama and you could win $8,000 toward professional development in the UK.

The BBM Youth Support Award for Drama is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Britain to work with and learn from a leading industry professional or company of your choice.The BBM Youth Support Award for Drama is open to emerging artists living in NSW or the ACT and aged under 24 years at the time of travel.


Previous recipients have included Amanda Sullo, Gabrielle Paananen, Christie Woodhouse, Madison Chippendale, Janie Gibson, Grant Moxom, Malcolm Whittaker and Julia Kelly. Travelling Scholarship winners have had the chance to intern, meet and/or train with the likes of Reckless Sleepers, Blast Theory, Lone Twin and Forced Entertainment.

Further information:

The applicant must select the Drama Award category and they must submit the following items:

  • A letter describing why you want the Award, what you want to achieve with it and how it will help you to develop in your chosen field.
  • A comprehensive plan outlining your proposed activities in the UK to show how you would meet your objectives stated in your letter.
  • Written examples of how you have contributed to your community in the past and how you will benefit the community after receiving this Award.
  • Details of any previous awards.
  • Details of training and the standard reached in your chosen discipline.
  • A video outlining why you should receive the award (under 1 minute long).
  • Links to previous work.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • One written professional reference.
  • One written personal reference.
  • At least one written reference of your ability in your chosen field from a recognised expert.
  • A head shot.
  • A performance shot.

Applications submitted to the Drama Award managed by PACT will be assessed by PACT staff and previous winners. You may be required to undertake a personal interview with the selector/committee via phone.

Final ratification of all scholarships is at the discretion of BBM Youth Support.

 Travel must commence before 30 June 2018.

For more information about BBM and this award

For all inquiries please contact


Image: Gabrielle Paananen, 2016 BBM Youth Support Awardee for Drama