M. Sunflower

M. Sunflower

M. Sunflower is a culturally diverse Australian artist who identifies as having disabilities.

Her ancestry is from the Aboriginal Warmuli Clan, Darug Nation; Lebanese post-war migrants; Chinese gold rush miners and English convict heritage. She is a graduate of Sydney College of the Arts and an inaugural member of the Front Up Emerge Program, collaborating with the arts Gallery of NSW.

Her interdisciplinary work focuses on photography, video, multimedia installation, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, social media and craft.

She uses these tools to explore identity, trauma and disability; to make visible the invisible. She explore art as activism; mental health; society; human rights; body politics; feminism; the gaze; ways of seeing; pop culture; the  nature of being; and the universe itself. She uses her work to seek and to give hope, support and inspiration.

Art is the lens through which M. Sunflower interacts with the world and the brush she uses to paint change, one viewer at a time. Mental illness limits her physical world so she uses art and the camera to expand the boundaries and explore the past, present and future. As a form of self scrutiny, using light as a form of therapy or self examination - a paradigm of the human condition encased in the frame.