Desire Lines

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Desire Lines

Desire Lines is an art series in the format of a walking tour. With a guide, audience members move through several locations, each playing host to a performance, installation or sonic experience. Desire Lines aspire to blur the line between private and public space and performative and non-performative actions. Accordingly, artworks created within this context function and appear differently to those who view them, so that each iteration of the event is unique. Desire Lines seeks to make art and performance accessible to a broad demographic of the local community.

Sebastian Henry-Jones

Sebastian is an emerging curator and writer in the final stages of completing a masters of art curation at The University of Sydney. In 2017 he took part in the Australia Council’s professional development program at the Venice Biennale. He has previously worked for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Kaldor Public Art Projects, and has spent time abroad interning at Gagosian Gallery and at Block Universe, an annual performance art festival in London.

Maeve Parker

Maeve is a Sydney based curator and musician. She is particularly interested in exploring the potential for art and performance as a method for individuals and broader communities to explore contemporary issues. She has recently completed a bachelor of laws and communications with honours at UTS, and is presently undertaking further research into the spatial implications of criminal justice and the politics of space. She regularly performs and records with a number of projects.


The first salon of 2018 is organised by Desire Lines.