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Ready to feel composed? PACT is excited to announce a new development program for artists looking to build their artistic lives and practices.


Do you have plans, but somehow things always get in the way? Are you needing a little organisation to build your performing arts career? Want an opportunity to chat with a trained professional to set some goals and find the right strategy for you?


We know that being an independent performing artist in Sydney can be an exhausting adventure, so we've paired up with The City of Sydney and the coaching group Knight & Amy, to offer Sydney based artists an opportunity to have a chat with coaches at a subsidised rate.  Coaching is an opportunity to find a way to do things differently in the future. In individual coaching, you can explore goals, refresh passions and values, and putplans in place with the assistance of a professional. Group coaching takes goal setting to the next level by using social support to keep you on track.

The program offers six individual coaching sessions and five group coaching sessions. The total cost of the program is the substantially reduced fee of $255(GST inclusive).


Interested? Write to Fiona Green at with COMPOSED and your name in the subject to ask questions and to get an application form.


Closing date for applications is 27/4/2018.