Cloé Fournier

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Cloé Fournier is a French born Australian based multi-disciplinary artist. She works as a choreographer, director, dancer, physical theatre performer, actor and now curator.

In 2015, Cloé started her project-based performing arts company Cloé [F] Projects.

As a performance maker, Cloé is fascinated by the impact of socialization on our everyday living and the potential of using her art form as activism. Indeed, she believes that art is a way to sensitise the public and stimulate a discourse with fraught subject matter.

She creates content driven works with psychological and emotional edge always aiming at engaging with the broader audience. Cloé’s interest is in exploring human behaviors, the female form and its relationship to modern society, as well as the crucible of life and death.

Her French heritage continuously inspires and influences her work. She acknowledges her culture through language, tradition and a sustained choreographic research on traditional French folk dances. She explores the relevance and impact of these traditional dances in a contemporary choreographic and social context.

Cloé [F] Projects encompasses her body of work including: Between the Stacks (2017, Kings Cross Library), Humanoid (Work-in-Progress, 2016, Readymade Works), Dining [Uns]-Table (2015, PACT); Wished For (2015, Rocks Village Bizarre), I wish you were [Still] (2014 Eramboo Artists Environment) and …Selves (2012, Dance Meets Music).

She has also choreographed for opera productions (and indie theatre productions.

Cloé has performed in major festivals (Adelaide Fringe, The Biennale of Sydney, Rubaboo Indigenous Arts Festival (CAN), Stockton International Riverside Festival (UK), Sydney Festival, Santiago A Mil Festival (CH) for companies such as Branch Nebula, DirtyFeet, Legs On The Wall, Marquez Laundry, Pearse Projects, Shh Hybrid Art Theory, Stalker Theatre, Strings Attached, The Living Room Theatre, Untitled Collective (USA/AUS) and youMove Company; independent choreographers including Anton, Martin del Amo, Kathryn Puie, Vicki Van Hout and Dean Walsh, independent directors Michal Imielski and Michael Pigott and visual artists Alexis Teplin (USA/UK) and Nick Cave (USA).

Cloé is also the co-founder and co-director of Made In Space Initiative, an artist run pop up space supporting the artistic community with affordable space and creative opportunities for independent artists to research, create, and rehearse in the inner west. 


Cloé is the curator for our second PACT Salon of the year: APACTALYPTIC.  Tickets are on sale now!