Cheryn Frost


Cheryn Frost is a proud young Yuwaalaraay woman. She is a Sydney based emerging artist, with an interest in production management and lighting design.

In 2015 Cheryn graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Performance (Acting). Cheryn is currently a resident artist for PACT Centre of Emerging Artists for their 2018/19 program.

In 2017 Cheryn was commissioned by PACT to debut a new work for their AFTERGLOW season where she co-wrote and performed 'FEM MENACE'.

Other performance credits include:
ENFLAME by Branch Nebula, 2018.
Confessionals by Cheryn Frost, 2017 PACT Salon: Skeletons & Self-Portraits.
Smut & Half Truths by Mots Place, 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival. iDNA devised by PACT Collective and directed by Katrina Douglas and Fredrick Copperwaite (2016). 

Most recently Cheryn was the Stage Manager and Lighting Designer for Co_Ex_En by Karul Projects, presented at Dance Massive 2019

Other production credits include:
'Mi:Wi' by Taree Sansbury, Next Wave Festival Melbourne.
SNAP*CLICK*SHOT by Thomas E.S. Kelly's KARUL Projects (Lighting Designer)
PACT AFTERGLOW: On The Border Of Things - Part One by James Nguyen (Production Manager and Lighting Designer)
PACT Salon: 'BAD' by Cope St Collective, (Production Manager and Lighting Designer)
PACT AFTERGLOW: Karul Projects and Fish Hook (Assistant Production Manager and Lighting Designer)