Big Muscles Sad Heart

Image Credit: Alli Sebastian Wolf

Image Credit: Alli Sebastian Wolf


Big Muscles Sad Heart is a Sydney-based theatre collective made up of Caitlin Doyle-Markwick, Sarah Easterman and Matte Rochford. Combining physical theatre and political satire, BMSH produces new work that looks the brutal modern world straight in the eye and exposes its heart-breaking and hilarious absurdities. The collective formed in 2017 to produce and perform JobReady, a surreal, dark comedy about the welfare system, and regularly hosts Variety Night, a unique event that showcases works-in-progress and experimental performance by emerging and established artists.

BMSH will be performing their latest work Olympia Olympia as part of Generations this July at PACT. The collective also has more upcoming shows in 2019 at the Old 505 Theatre and 107 Projects.

Instagram: @big.muscles.sad.heart